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Pressure Washing & Cleaning


a man pressure washing a wood sided garageHouse Wash

Are you looking to restore the beauty to the exterior of your home? Over time mold, dirt, and pollution can collect on your home. Not only does it detract from the beauty of your home but it can also damage painted and vinyl siding. Mold growing on paint will slowly degrade the coating by rooting in and holding moisture next to it. We will use a low pressure method of cleaning combined with the appropriate products to avoid damaging any surfaces.

Deck Cleaning & Restoration

Decks can add a lot of beauty and enjoyment to a home but they require frequent maintenance to keep them in good condition. Because a deck is constantly exposed to the elements it should be cleaned and stained every 1-3 years. If your deck has weathered it may be possible to restore it. Depending on the condition your deck is in we will use the right products and tools to help rejuvenate your old weathered deck.